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5 Creative Classroom Hacks

5 Creative Classroom Hacks

Use your classroom decorating to inspire students to think of creative solutions! Here are 5 fun, functional, and creative classroom hacks you’ll want to incorporate into your space for the upcoming school year.

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A Sharp Bunch Color Match Up

A Sharp Bunch Activity Worksheets

We've created a set of worksheets that match our "A Sharp Bunch" theme! Your students can spend time learning color matching, practicing motor skills, spotting differences, and evaluating emotions. Intended for Pre-K to 1st Grade students. See the matching bulletin board sets and decor here: A Sharp Bunch Theme

Click to Print Color Matching Sheet
Click to Print Emotions Matching Sheet
Click to Print Motor Skills Sheet
Click to Print Spot the Differences Sheet

Dr. Seuss Classroom Activities

Green Eggs and Ham Reproducible Activities

These Dr. Seuss™ themed activities are a great way to encourage reading comprehension skills and check for understanding. Included are two free downloadable activities based on the popular story Green Eggs and Ham. Plus, these activities can coordinate with our Dr. Seuss™ Green Eggs and Ham Bulletin Board Set!

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Thanksgiving Students

Peanuts® Thanksgiving Activity

What are your students thankful for this year? Find out by encouraging them to express their gratitude with the writing prompt in this free Peanuts® themed Thanksgiving activity. Plus, encourage their artistic creativity by having them color the accompanying Thanksgiving scene.

Turn this classroom activity into a keepsake by laminating the finished piece and allowing students take it home to use a Thanksgiving placemat.    

Click to Print Peanuts® Thanksgiving Placemat


Easter Reproducible Activities

These free Easter themed activities are a simple way to add a little springtime cheer to your classroom. Included are free downloadable puzzles, word games and a fun coloring sheet. These activities are sure to keep your students busy during those hectic pre-Easter break school days while also being fun and educational.

Click to Print Easter Puzzles
Click to Print Easter Word Games
Click to Print Easter Coloring Sheet

For additional Easter fun, download these free activities from our sister brand Dudley's!

Click to Print Dudley's Word Find
Click to Print Dudley's Coloring Sheet
Click to Print Dudley's Maze


Peanuts® Holiday Activities

These free Peanuts activities are a simple way to add a little holiday cheer to your classroom. Included is a Snoopy Letter to Santa print out that can be utilized in a variety of writing lesson plans for any age or grade. Additionally, the Charlie Brown ornament print out encourages creativity and expression by allowing your students to design their own festive decoration.    

Click to Print Snoopy's Letter to Santa
Click to Print Charlie Brown's Ornaments



Being active and eating better equals a healthier lifestyle. In America’s move to raise a healthier generation of kids, the "Let’s Move" campaign offers adults and teachers the tools, support and information needed to instill healthy habits in children that will last a lifetime.

Check out this Teacher's Guide for information, resources and activity ideas that will ensure your classroom follows the best health and nutrition practices. Read More



Global warming and global cooling is nothing new, but as this process has accelerated, there are things that everyone can do to help slow down it down. This is why it is important to understand what global warming is, and how each and every human being plays a role in the future of Earth.

This Teacher's Guide is designed to introduce students to the concept of global warming and the issues that surround it. Topics include Global Warming, Carbon Footprints, Recycling, and more. Read More



It's never too early to teach your students to have a realistic and healthy view of money and to start managing it well! An important simple lesson for every young student is the significance of money and understanding the difference between the denominations and how to count them.

Print out this free counting money activity sheet and help your students understand the difference between the various U.S. coins as well as their values. This activity sheet includes 14 coin related addition problems. Read More

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About Eureka

Originating in the 1950’s and making a name with the original gold star sticker, Eureka has grown to include an extensive product line focused on school décor and educational tools. Bringing learning and inspiration together is our specialty with a wide range of exclusive products featuring well known licensed art from Dr. Seuss™, Peanuts®, Highlights™, Suzy Zoo® and more.

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